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Sittin’ Pretty: 5 Porch Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Favorite Summer Perch

May 10, 2024

Porch season is officially here!

Sure, it might sometimes still be a little too chilly to enjoy your favorite outdoor perch unless it’s drenched in sunlight, but soon enough we’ll all be sipping sweet tea and basking in some summertime warmth. The beginning of porch sittin’ season always begs the question: How do you revive a space that’s been dormant all winter long?

Don’t worry, we took to Instagram to find you all the answers.

Luckily there is no one way to get your porch ready for the upcoming season of lounging. While porch design is eclectic and individual, we do have a few ideas on how you can get started if you’re feeling stuck.

Here are five of the cutest looks from the design world of Instagram to help you get your porch summer-ready.

1. Set the table

One of our favorite ways to create a porch everyone wants to hang out on is by setting a welcoming table like this one from @theproperpeacock.

While you might not want to leave it fully set unless you’ve got friends coming over, now is still a great time to get all the outdoor tableware (and a table, if you need one) to re-create this look in a summertime snap.

“I love how this trend brings function and style together,” says design expert Tina Priestly, of Ready, Set, Refresh. “Last summer, I set up a small bistro table with colorful, weather-resistant plates and glasses. It made the porch feel like an extension of our dining room.”

Get the look: Go al fresco and expand your dining possibilities this season with this outdoor dinnerware set.

2. Celebrate vintage porch furniture

Not ready to spend a lot on all-new outdoor furniture? We’ve got you. Go antiquing for some charming pieces to adorn your porch, as we see in this look from @the.martinhouse.

“Springtime means garage sale time,” says designer Devin Shaffer, of Decorilla. “It amazes me how the supply of high-quality vintage pieces never runs out, and especially for outdoor spaces that don’t require perfect products, the number of options is limitless.”

Get the look: Shaffer recommends visiting your local antiques markets to source metal chairs, old signs, wrought-iron decorative fences, and whatever else suits your creative fancy this season.

3. Create a garden corner

Another fun way to breathe new life into an old porch is to create a garden corner like this one from @karenkeysar.

“Bringing in greenery is a must for any porch,” says Priestly. “It’s like adding a breath of fresh air! I’ve created a little garden corner with potted plants and hanging baskets. It’s so relaxing to sit surrounded by natural color.”

Get the look: Get yourself one of these wood potting benches, and you’ll soon be inspired to build your very own garden corner!

4. Pick a color and stick to it

If you’re really feeling stuck when it comes to where to start decorating your porch for the season, just keep things simple. Pick a color that works with your house, and use it as a decor anchor, like this design from @1848schoolhousecottage.

“This is actually one of my favorite design tricks,” says Shaffer. “This exterior design approach highlights the surrounding landscape and the beauty of the environment. Colors inspired by nature, such as blue, brown, beige, and green, are all great choices.”

Get the look: Pick a color scheme by starting with this outdoor metal rocking chair set that comes in a variety of nature-friendly hues.

5. Bring the indoors out

The options for hybrid indoor-outdoor furniture are seemingly endless, which is another reason we love this outdoor living look from @houseof_york. This look is easy to re-create and sure to bring some serious chill vibes to your porch this season.

“Investing in indoor-outdoor furniture is a game changer,” says Priestly. “I got an outdoor patio daybed for a porch last year from Wayfair, and it’s been a hit with everyone. It’s comfy and can handle the weather like a champ”

Get the look: Design a porch that feels like an extension of your living room with this wicker outdoor patio daybed.

Stay up-to-date with the latest design trends this summer by following our weekly blog for tips, insights, and market updates.

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