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Bring In Calming Vibes: 5 Instagram-Inspired Ways To Do Beautiful Blue in Your Kitchen

By Larissa Runkle| Jul 14, 2023

Some colors are just meant to inhabit certain spaces of our home. And while blue is often cited as a color meant for bedrooms or bathrooms, we’re seeing more and more of it in kitchens.

Our kitchens have become more social and personal (and less about mere meal prep) as of late. And so it makes sense we’d see more calming colors in lieu of the standard sterile white-on-white designs of years past.

Color psychology will tell us time and time again how balancing and serene the color blue makes us feel,” says designer Daniela Araya, of Spoak. “So it’s only natural that this color is found frequently in kitchens.” And think about every gathering you’ve had in your home—don’t they always end up gravitating toward the kitchen?

Luckily, making your kitchen the ideal gathering place doesn’t have to be complicated; it might just need a bit more blue. So here are five inspired blue-centered designs from Instagram to consider for your next decor upgrade.

1. Deep blue butler’s pantry

One of our favorite iterations of blue in the kitchen? An intriguingly dark butler’s pantry like this one from @studiodearborn.

“Deep blue pantries are popping up more and more because of their elegant look and complementary pairing to spaces that lack natural light,” says Araya. “The rich color gives a moody and luxurious feel to a small space, and encourages working with the lack of light found in a small space rather than against it.”

Get the look: Infuse your pantry with a mood boost with a can of Aleutian by Sherwin-Williams.

2. Tiffany blue cabinetry

Another iteration of blue we love in kitchens is this feather-light powder blue cabinetry from @caitlinwilsondesign.

“These are popular now because we’re bringing back a more traditional style,” says designer Samantha Pratt, of Samantha Ashley Design. “It’s a very classic color if you think about it in terms of style and fashion. Tiffany blue has been a thing since the 1950s, and it really is here to stay.”

Bonus: Audrey Hepburn would’ve likely approved!

Get the look: Remake your kitchen cabinets with some Aviary Blue by Sherwin-Williams.

3. Mixed-blue tile backsplash

If you want just a small pop of blue in your kitchen decor, look no further than this subtle mixed-blue backsplash from @hendricksoninteriors.

“By mixing and matching different blue tones in a kitchen backsplash, you’re creating visual interest and depth that will draw your guests in,” says Araya. “It also gives the illusion of movement and an almost 3D effect.”

Get the look: Add some depth and sparkle to your kitchen with a backsplash in this blue macauba tile.

4. Striped navy-blue barstools

When your blue inclinations take a nautical turn, these striped navy-blue barstools from @mollyinmaine are the perfect way to up the blue factor of your kitchen.

“This is that kind of California coastal style where things are relaxed, classic, and livable,” says Pratt. “Lots of rattan and wovens, and not-so-structured stripes. It gives a classic casual look that’s durable enough to be lived in, which is why it’s popular.”

Get the look: Strike the balance between old and new vibes with these Alastair barstools.

5. Blue-checked curtains

For a more laid-back, farmhouse-chic version of a blue kitchen, blue-checked curtains like these ones from @athomewithmelmel strike the perfect balance.

“Blue checkered curtains, particularly in the form of a sink bed skirt, give off that charming farmhouse ‘cottagecore’ feel we all know and love,” says Araya. “To me, it’s the perfect mix of kitschy and delightful.”

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