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Black Magic: Create a ‘Cocoon Bedroom’ With These 5 Hypnotic Shades

By Larissa Runkle | Mar 1, 2024

Spring is, oh, so close, and some of us are excited for longer days and pastels. Others are less enthusiastic about leaving winter’s cozy embrace, though.

So, if you’re not quite ready to emerge as the spring-butterfly version of yourself, this sophisticated aesthetic is for you.

In the spirit of hibernation season, we’re serving up five stunning, stormy, and delightfully mercurial paint colors you can use to create your perfect cocoon bedroom—a place to rest and rejuvenate between now and springtime. Because let’s be honest: No one’s fluttering off anywhere without some quality sleep.

So whether you love all things dark academia or are just ready to jump on the black bedroom trend, keep reading. We’ve hand-selected five mesmerizing black interiors, all with designer tips and tricks to help you pull off your moody makeover with expert-level flair.

1. Earthy black

The first iteration of a dark, cozy bedroom that we absolutely love? This earthy-black hue,

“Deep, earthy colors naturally make us feel grounded and safe,” says designer Nicole Cullum, of Color Caravan. “They’re an ideal color palette for creating a rich, sumptuous bedroom design. Paired with muted brass, yellow ochres, and burgundy reds, make this warm black come to life.”

2. Gray-black

If you don’t want to commit to painting your walls the blackest of blacks, then you might try a more muted shade—like this gray-black option.

“Gray-black bedrooms are great for those who still love gray but want an updated gray,” says designer Ayten Nadeau of I-Ten Designs LLC. “Go for darker, French grays—like a delicious chocolate bar—then mix it up with luscious, light-and-dark bedding for the perfect dark bedroom.”

3. Chalky, matte black

Look no further than this chalky, matte-black design for a dusky bedroom vibe that simply oozes sophistication.

“Chalky, matte-black bedrooms are the ultimate for urban-loft lovers,” says Nadeau. “It’s dark, sleek, and edgy all at once. Pair it with plenty of natural daylight or light fixtures in various heights and sizes.”

4. Blue-black

Another variation of the obsidian bedroom that we can’t get enough of? This blue-back!

“Inky blues mixed with a cool black give this bedroom a gorgeous, historical feel,” says Cullum. “The deep-sea black is accentuated with russet orange tones that pick up the blue tones in the rug and wall colors for a luxurious and refined design.”

5. True black

For the chicest, coziest dark sleeping space, check out this true-black bedroom.

“There’s something so romantic and comforting about noir-black walls,” says Cullum. “Deep-black tones envelop you in a color-drenched feel for a perfect night’s sleep. The best part about using black as a background is that you can use bold-color accents like bright reds and yellows, and they seem to fit naturally into the space without being too loud or distracting.”

Larissa Runkle (@therealest8writer) is a writer and editor living in Colorado. Her work focuses on unique real estate and design trends.

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