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5 home office decorating ideas for my small workspace

5 home office decorating ideas

for my small workspace by ELISABETTA RIZZATO

1. A long home desk | home office ideas

My home office (as the rest of the home!) is not very big, but I would like to leave as much space as I can for a desk. This is because I realized I need space to work, as very often I’m swamped with catalogs, magazines, business cards, stuff I need for projects and to write articles. Also, ideally, I would like to have space for a second chair if needed.

2. A big space for mood boards | small office decorating ideas

Another thing I realized is that I’m really a visual person. I need to have things on sight, to place things and notes where I can see them, to not forget about them. In addition to this, I love to do mood boards and now I have to do this in the living (and this is no good if you want to keep things tidy at home!). I’m dreaming about a big cork wall where I can just stick and move things around.

3. A comfortable but cool chair | home office furniture

This is the trickiest point because I still have to find one chair with a beautiful design to be as comfortable as the office chairs. If you have some suggestions please drop me a line at, this will be highly appreciated!

4. Something in bright pink | home office decorating ideas

I’m not a pink person, believe me, or not, in my home now there’s nothing in pink and not as much in my wardrobe. But for some reasons (I’m still ignoring it!) this blog since the beginning was designed around pink and now I would like my real workspace to follow the happy and bright mood of this online space. That’s why I’m thinking about a mid-pink, exactly the same as the logo one, more than a powder millennial pink. Probably will paint walls or something else too

5. A display for my badges and magazines | home office storage ideas

Even if I will do a big declutter, I’m sure there are some things I’m not throwing away. For example, since the beginning, I started to keep all the badges and tickets from design fairs and events I attended. You can imagine that now it is quite a big collection! Same for paper magazines, even if I already know I don’t have space for all of them, but maybe for the latest ones. However, I’m always thinking about a clean and light space so I would like to find some display options with a very minimalistic style.

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