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5 Easy, Affordable Bathroom Upgrades Instagram Loves Right Now

By Larissa Runkle | Mar 15, 2024

Despite the sunlight that now stretches into the formerly dark evenings, we’re still technically in cozy season. Spring weather tends to swing between balmy and frigid, with lots of rain in between.

Misty days are great for flowers, but the dramatic switches between sun and rain can be a little jarring. The antidote? A nice, hot shower or a long soak in the tub at the end (or beginning) of an unpredictable spring day.

So, if your bathroom isn’t a place where you like to linger, maybe it’s time for a little zhuzh in the loo.

We combed Instagram this week for five popular (and affordable) bathroom upgrades that will lend an air of spa-inspired luxury to your space. Here are some easy ideas that won’t break the bank but will make your bathroom an inviting place during soaking season and beyond.

1. Shower bench

When it comes to creating bathroom spaces that feel luxurious and linger-worthy, a bath bench like this wooden one from @stylesourcebook is just the ticket.

“The integration of a shower bench aligns perfectly with the contemporary desire for comfort and luxury,” says designer Guillaume Drew. “It offers a space to relax and unwind while also elevating the bathroom to a spa-like ambiance, encouraging a more leisurely pace.”

2. Sleek, oblong mirror

Looking to elevate your space with one swift decor swap? Try a long mirror like this one from @mrbuttigieg.

“In the luxury decor space, mirrors aren’t just functional—they’re statement pieces,” says Drew. “This sleek, oblong mirror is indicative of the kind of modern elegance consumers are drawn to. It’s minimalist yet bold, offering a distinctive focal point in a room that’s too often utilitarian.”

3. Vintage curio cabinet

Unexpected though it may be, thrift-store vintage has its place in luxe designs. Just take a look at this well-loved curio cabinet from @melaniejadedesign‘s bathroom.

“A vintage curio with glass doors and maybe a carved detail design functions as a delightful storage piece for a modern bathroom,” says designer Peg Hemzacek. “Once you’ve found the perfect placement, style it with alternating towel colors or baskets and coordinated, colored-glass bottles.”

4. Frosted-globe pendants

What is it about frosted glass that speaks to our inner sense of spa-derived luxury? Whatever it is, these side-mounted, opaque pendants lend a hushed elegance to this bathroom design from @​​kateabtdesign.

“Tired of the same boring lights? Do the unexpected in your bathroom by using these semiflush lighting fixtures and installing them on your wall for an unexpected twist,” suggests designer Amanda Foster. “These normally would be on the ceiling, so it’s instantly an eye-catching moment in this luxe space.”

5. Double-sided shower curtain

Speaking of breaking from the norm for an unexpected look—that’s exactly what we love about this fresh take on a shower curtain from @dabito.

“The double-sided shower curtain is a trend that speaks to a desire for practical luxury for the discerning customer who wants an elevated aesthetic that doesn’t compromise on utility,” says Drew. “The two-sided design offers a visual treat from both the inside and the outside, underscoring an attention to detail and a touch of elegance.”

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