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11 Decor Pieces From Amazon That Interior Designers Buy Over and Over Again

Apr 17, 2023

Amazon is the premier site to buy, well, anything. It’s even become a popular stop for budget-minded shoppers looking for home decor pieces.

But, like the rest of the site, the Amazon home decor section is a bottomless pit of products. So to help you sift through all the options and find the real tried-and-true gems, we asked design professionals to share their top picks that they buy over and over again.

Amazon is brimming with home furniture and accessories that interior designers can’t get enough of. Ahead, a curated list of stylish home decor finds at affordable prices.

Linen curtains

If you’d like a pair of high-quality drapes that can breathe life into any room, pick up these natural linen curtains. Recommended by Mariya Snisar, the head of interior design at Renowell, these work well with any design style—from rustic and bohemian to industrial and beyond.

“They’re lightweight and work great for light-filtering without making the room look too dim,” Snisar says. “I also think linen has that innate coziness that can make any room look much more welcoming.”

Vintage-looking knobs

Snisar is also a fan of these vintage-looking knobs that can be added to all different types of furniture.

“They are pretty cheap but can give any drawer a new life, especially if you decide to paint it to match the handles,” she says.

Available in two different finishes, these knobs work perfectly for dresser drawers and kitchen cabinets.

Coffee table

Maximize the storage in your house by ordering a coffee table with a secret compartment to store books, blankets, and more. This pick has a wood grain table top that opens to reveal a hidden nook.

“I love how this table looks rustic but modern at the same time,” Snisar points out. “Plus, the extra storage space may come in handy if your living space is small.”

Vintage-style runner rug

Purchasing rugs for your home can be a headache-inducing, stressful activity. Not only do you have to consider size, material, and shipping, but you also have to pay attention to the price. This is because rugs, especially trendy vintage Turkish rugs, tend to run into the thousands.

If you’re in the market for a new rug, Alessia Lamonaca, owner and lead designer at New Mode Home, advises checking out Loloi rugs.

“These rugs are popular for a reason,” says Lamonaca. “They have a ton of beautiful designs to choose from at a very affordable price point.”

Wool throw blanket

Sure, Amazon has tons of low-priced deals, but it’s also a treasure trove if you’re looking for unique products from top-rated brands worldwide.

Shani Core, an interior designer based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, points out that besides the “obvious coffee table books,” Amazon has plenty of high-quality home goods from dependable brands.

“My favorite things to order from Amazon for clients include high-quality wool and mohair throws from the Biddy Murphy Store in Ireland,” Core says.

These throws come in many colors and work great as housewarming gifts.

6. Bedside crystal carafe set Crystal carafe

set The saying “it’s all in the details” really rings true when decorating a home. Considering this, Core shares that this crystal carafe set is one of her favorites. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it also adds an “elegant and useful touch” to your main or guest bedroom.

7. A leather catchall Leather catchall

Scattered keys and change can make any tabletop look messy. Thankfully, a leather catchall can help with this. Recommended by Core, this leather organizer valet helps “corral odds and ends wherever needed throughout the home.” Its sleek design also helps it blend in effortlessly with many decor aesthetics. Available in various shades, including khaki green and camel, this piece is especially nice to keep on nightstands and foyer tables where clutter tends to gather.

8. Irregularly shaped mirror Irregularly shaped mirror

Is your decor feeling a little stale? Beth Martin, founder and designer at Beth Martin Design, suggests picking up an irregularly shaped mirror from Amazon. She points out that these mirrors have become a decor must-have in recent years thanks to their playful, organic shape. “This fun design is perfect for compact spaces like an entryway or bedroom,” Martin says.

9. Gold outlet covers Gold outlet cover

Design-forward outlet covers, such as this one, can help elevate room decor using little to no effort. They’re also easy to install. This pick, recommended by Lamonaca, has a matte metallic finish and looks good in the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. “Brass outlet covers are an inexpensive way to make your home feel custom and expensive,” she explains.

10. Dimmable artwork light Artwork light

Don’t leave your paintings or photographs in the dark. If you have art hanging on your walls, then you need this dimmable artwork light. These affordable fixtures can help you achieve museum-worthy lighting at little cost. “This picture light will instantly add a layer of elegance and sophistication to your home,” Lamonaca says.

Snisar points out that this might not be “everyone’s cup of tea,” but “this vase can look great on a coffee table, on a cabinet in the bedroom, and even in the kitchen.”

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