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11 Clever Ways to Maximize Space in Every Room of your Home

11 Clever Ways to Maximize Space in Every Room of your Home By MYMOVE | Updated June 13, 2022

In every home, there is a need for more space. Regardless of how small your apartment or how large your mountain estate villa is, we all seek the need for maximizing space to make our homes feel spacious and welcoming. There are 11 rooms of your home that you spend the most time in and 11 clever ways to maximize space in every one of them. If you’ve been pondering how to fit more into your cramped bathroom cabinets or you can’t figure out how your bedroom could possibly share a desk to create a home office too, here are 11 tips to help.

1.) Opening up your entryway: The first area of your home that welcomes guests and sees your family off safely to school every day should be functional and have area to maneuver quickly and efficiently. Maximize space by placing a bench or sitting area to remove shoes and place kids’ backpacks when rushing off to school. Don’t have space for a bench? Ensure you have wall-mounted hooks, open shelving to place knick-knacks, and place a large mirror on the wall to reflect the rest of your home.

2.) Make your kitchen easy to cook in: The kitchen is the busiest room of your entire home. For it must be functional, welcoming, and be enjoyable to cook meals, make snacks, and prep for entertaining guests. Maximize space with vertical storage shelving in your pantry, use drawer organizers for dry goods and food storage containers. Purge old food, half-eaten dry goods, and install overhead pot and pan storage to free up space below your counters.

3.) Bathroom essentials: The room you wake up first to in the morning and see late at night often has the worst storage. Your bathroom can be maximized by assessing who uses the bathroom and for what. Shared bathrooms with kids can utilize open shelving and baskets under the sink and behind the door can house small electrical beauty appliances when not in use. A shoe organizer can turn into a life-saving space saver that holds makeup, combs & brushes, jewelry and even accessories such as scarves and belts.

4.) Public rooms need space! Have you ever realized your living room and family room get the messiest without even trying? These rooms get the most traffic from friends dropping over, family watching television and you sprawling out on the sofa to watch the game! Maximize space with multifunctional furniture such as ottomans that hold video game accessories and coffee tables that have drawers and open shelving below. You will love having hidden space when your busiest rooms are packed with people. naphat_Jorjee / Getty Images

5.) Kids’ rooms aren’t just for sleeping: Whether your child is a newborn or a teenager their rooms should be a reflection of their dreams but still be utilized for studying, playing, and daydreaming! Create zones for playing, sleeping, and quiet time or studying. Maximize space by hanging artwork and assignments on bulletin boards, art wire, or other organization accessories to keep desks and surrounding spaces free of clutter.

6.) Make the most of your bedroom: Every bedroom in your home should be a refuge from the world and a place where you renew in the evening and wake up rejuvenated in the morning. Maximize space in your bedroom by ensuring your closets are used properly. Store out of season clothing in under bed storage containers and invest in closet organizers that separate types of clothes, accessories, shoes, and more. Every closet can use functional organizing.

7.) Productivity in your home office: Many family homes are using their home office for computer use, doing homework/bills, crafts, and more. Maximize your home office area with effective storage for all. Visit office supply stores and seek out coordinated office supplies, desk organizers, and file drawer accessories for kids, teenagers, and adults in your favorite colors and patterns. You will love how much more space your home office has when it looks good too!

8.) Love your laundry room: While it may be the least loved room of the house, maximizing storage in your laundry room can mean the difference in you getting your clothes done and not! One of the best ways to maximize space is with counter space for folding, shelves or cabinetry at arm’s length for detergents and a hanging area for laundered clothes to dry, get ironed, etc…

9.) Small interiors don’t have to be a challenge: Studio apartments, college dormitory rooms, and small homes don’t have to be a storage nightmare. In fact, living in a smaller home ensures you only keep what you absolutely need! Maximize storage by taking advantage of hanging bicycles from the ceiling, installing bookshelves over doorways, and installing built-in shelving in bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

10.) Don’t hide junk in the garage: While many think the garage is for storing items you don’t want to see ever again, think again! Your garage space can be maximized by purging outdated furniture, broken appliances, and more. To maximize the space you do have, install overhead ceiling racks for luggage, recreation equipment, and seasonal decorations and lawn equipment so you CAN fit your cars in the garage.

11.) Your outdoor home should reflect the interiors: Space-saving outside isn’t as big of an issue but ensuring your landscaping isn’t overgrown and unkept can give the illusion of a cramped and unwelcoming home on the inside. Speak the same welcoming ‘language’ in your outdoor home by keeping your curb appeal looking great. Keep your lawn cut, flowerbeds tidy and weed-free and ensure your front entry is welcoming with a colorfully painted front door!

These 11 areas of your home can get the maximum storage out of them without you having to renovate your entire home. Whether your family is getting larger or you just have more stuff, maximizing space is essential in every home! Do you need 100 more ways to maximize space? Take a look at 111 Simple Tips for your Everyday Home. A guide to help you beautifully decorate, organize, and maximize space in every roof your home.

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